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Residential IT Support

We provide IT support to home users on an as-needed basis.

You can entrust XiongTech with all of your IT needs as we provide the best quality of IT services to our customers at the lowest cost. The reason why we can provide the lowest cost is because we do not work with a middle man to service our home users. All IT services are through XiongTech personnel, no contractors and no third party affiliation. We provide in-home support to our home users and there is no travel cost. Most importantly, there is no charge to our home users if we cannot fix the issue. For all computer related issues, home users can opt-in to drop-off and pick-up computers at our home office and if requested, a loaner may be issue at no cost so that our home users can have a computer to work on while theirs is getting fix.

We provide the following IT services for our residential users:

  • Computer hardware replacement/upgrade (motherboard, memory, hard drive, battery, etc.)
  • Computer software installation
  • Computer malware/virus removal
  • Computer re-image
  • Printer installation
  • Home network issue
  • New home network installation (wireless and/or direct Ethernet connect)
  • Alarm security system (Ring)
  • Security camera system (Ring)
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