Business IT Essentials

We understand business have a fix amount of budget for IT services. Our business IT essentials solution is a full IT service package that covers every aspect of IT for our clients so they don’t need to staff an IT personnel onsite. We do everything for our clients.

XiongTech defines Business IT essentials as critical IT services that businesses need to have to be professional and competitive in today’s market. Most importantly, it serves as the foundation of all businesses. It is an investment business need to make to move the business forward.

The Business IT Essentials include but not limited to the following IT services:

  • Business website with business domain name and support
  • Business email with business domain name and support
  • Server maintenance and support
  • PC with antivirus and support
  • Business private network with support
  • Managed and inventory network devices
  • Software license and HIPPA compliance
  • Service level agreement (SLA) in according to client’s business hours
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Fix IT cost

With business IT essentials, it helps business save on IT cost and still obtain the IT services it needs. It is like having an IT Pro on staff without the high salary cost. An IT Pro salary ranges between $75,000 to $100,000 per year. With the Business IT Essentials, business can save up to 93%.